Keskuskoulu is a primary school that gives elementary education for children between ages 6 and 13. Currently Keskuskoulu is located inside of another school, Sompion koulu, because of a total renewal of its own school building. There are about 155 pupils and 9 teachers in Keskuskoulu.


Mr Risto Kilvelä, principal
+ 358 40 328 2250

Mrs Marjut Vaattovaara, vice principal
+ 358 40 318 2717

  • General introduction of the school, which includes basic education, shared leadership and teamwork, flexible teaching and learning between classes and age groups, language enrichment, inclusive preparatory learning and teaching, positive pedagogy in practice, pupil welfare.
  • The guests may attend lessons of variable subjects, where they can observe different methods of learning, eg. learning by doing and phenomenon-based learning.
  • Tour of the school.

Duration: maximum of 3 hours

  • administrators
  • supervisors
  • class teacher
  • special needs teachers
  • school welfare group
  • pupil wellbeing
  • pupil welfare
  • positive pedagogy
  • learning by doing
  • learning environment
  • phenomenon-based learning
  • collaborative teaching and learning
  • inclusion
  • language enrichment
  • Finnish as a 2nd  language-teaching
  • future skills
  • teamwork
  • technology
  • support for learning
  • flexible basic education
  • assessment
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